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Grant Writing  
Grant Compliance Support 
Facilities Procurement
Facilities Management 
Fiscal Efficiency Study

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General Operational Support 

Board Policy Creation / Review
Board Training
Legal Document Review
Student Handbook Creation
Student Handbook Review
Marketing Assistance
Vendor Study and Report
School Climate Audit
Reauthorization Support
Charter Proposal Support
Technology Needs Assessment
School Development Plans
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Special Education Director
Business Manager
Interim Administrator
Administrative Mentoring
State, Federal and Authorizer Accountability Reporting
Expulsion Hearing Examiner

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Transitional Management

Indiana Charters is committed to helping you operate in a manner which reduces your outsourcing costs and lets those funds flow to your classrooms. We provide services to manage your charter school while building your organizational capacity to manage internally, tapering our services over time until your school can manage itself effectively and cost-efficiently.

Full Educational Management

As an Education Management Organization, Indiana Charters supports Indiana charter schools by providing back office services and business support to ensure financial efficiency and success. Our administrative coaching and mentoring supports your charter school enabling your staff to focus on the school's mission. With a unique flat-fee structure, Indiana Charters is committed to partnering with only the highest quality applicants to support local initiatives to build the community you serve by providing a successful public school.

Educational Support Services

Not all schools will need or desire full educational management. We can tailor a program to meet your needs. We deliver the following serves to support your efforts and drive your success:

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