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Diane Clark – Diane specializes in data management and reporting for all schools served by Indiana Charters, LLC. She manages the communication (BaseCamp) and the archiving of data used for all submissions.

Our employees, consultants and subcontractors come from an impressive range of backgrounds and experience. This diversity lets us find the best solution for making your ideas successful. That's what this company is all about... making your school successful, watching the bottom line, and helping you operate with fiscal responsibility. Let us help you keep your resources going to the classroom by optimizing your business practices. 

Catering to the independent, locally organized public charter school community, we sincerely want to help you operate efficiently while minimizing your outsourced services. We'll actually help you build your organization so we can step aside. Or we can remain "on-call" as you continue to develop your business practices.

Ashley Kozler - As Title I specialist, Ashley performs a variety of services to optimize federal funding and provide support for Title I students. Ashley provides up to three tiers of support to match the needs and infrastructure of the school staff. In small charter schools that do not have the funds to hire a Title I administrator, associated fees can be built into the Title I charter school grant

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Our Key People

Sherrie Bly - Sherrie specializes in payroll, and bookkeeping procedures including employee reports on the local, state and federal level. Assists with HR / Insurance audits and State Board of Accounts policies and procedures required of charter schools.

Formerly a middle school principal with Carmel-Clay and Speedway Schools, Kevin left traditional public education to co-found one of Indiana's initial 11 charter schools. Options Charter School - Carmel (2002) was created out of a community need to better serve students who were struggling in the traditional public schools in and around Hamilton County. Kevin led Options through expansion and replication opening Options - Noblesville in 2006. As President of the Options Charter Schools, Kevin led the effort to build a highly efficient business infrastructure supporting the unique highly-personalized, community-assisted alternative high schools. Before founding Indiana Charters, Kevin served as Vice President and COO of the Indiana Public Charter Schools Association. These experiences have given Kevin a unique perspective on the needs of charter operators in this state. 

His expertise includes charter school development and management, charter school financing, alternative school instruction, educational technology, school / community connections, charter school board development, and performance management.  Through his leadership and direction, Indiana Charters provides top-level experience to support the growth of charters in this state.Type your paragraph here.

Michelle Olsen – Michelle has served as charter school special education director since 2008. She currently serves as special education director for Options Charter Schools, Seven Oaks Classical Academy, Mays Community Academy and Circle City Prep.  In small charter schools that do not have the funds to hire a special education director, associated fees can be built into the Part B IDEA grant. Type your paragraph here.