Our Client Strategy

Indiana Charters provides the knowledge, experience and services to help your school succeed in an economically efficient manner

Beyond The Box

We strongly believe in delivering innovative strategies to your ideas. What do you want to accomplish?

Featured Services

Forward Thinking

Build your organizational capacity through our Transitional Management Program.  

Sensible Solutions

Expert services and systems to support your educational program while saving valuable resources.

an Educational Management Organization and Educational Services Provider

efficient operational strategies get resources to the


Educational Management Organization

Indiana Charters offers full EMO services to high-quality startups, and existing Indiana charter schools needing additional support to reach high standards of achievement.

Educational Services Provider​

Do you need our knowledge or expertise for just a few services? We provide high-quality, low cost services to support your school. 

Transitional Management Program

We'll support your business and academic goals while we help build your organizational capacity to free your school from outside services, freeing up operational funds to directly benefit students.

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