Indiana Charters

Indiana Charters provides the expertise to support a number of processes that help your school meet high authorizer and community accountability standards. Full service and single service packages are available.

Services Include: special education, accounting, state, federal and authorizer reporting, business consulting, administrative mentorship, performance management, grant management, policy and guideline support, strategic marketing, grant writing, technology planning, facility procurement...

Startup Coaching and Support

Capacity-building services that help transition your outsourced services into your organizational structure. Start your charter school with full ESP services then transition them in-house by year three. Keep the resources flowing to your classrooms and teachers by reducing or eliminating outsourcing - Indiana Charters will show you how.

Transitional Management 

Consultation and direct support to help you navigate the path to becoming a HIGH QUALITY,  authorized Indiana charter school.

Is your local public school being closed? Indiana Charters can help you save your local school.

Charter School Management and Educational services

Office: 317-643-1911

Cell:    317-945-7723


Indiana Charters IS NOT like other CMO's or EMO's.  We are not in the decision-making line. We work for your school providing services and expertise that small schools cannot provide without "over-hiring" and overspending their tight budgets. 

If we can't save you money, If we can't help your existing school be better, we won't work for you. Whether starting a charter school or looking to become more operationally efficient, give us a call 

Dynamic Minds Academy Approved to Open Fall 2019

Educational services


not your typical esp

Number 4

While Indiana Charters has worked with over a dozen Indiana schools,  Dynamic Minds Academy becomes the fourth school Indiana Charters has assisted from conception through operation.  After starting initial conversations in 2014, Dynamic Minds Academy will open a truly unique school specializing in integrated educational and therapy services.  

Read more about this new educational choice for Indiana students at